30 April 2014

Swaps for April's playday

Going to keep the writing very limited for this post because I wanted to share with you all of the photos and dont want to fill up your page!
These are the swaps that I made for my crafty playmates at our playday on Sunday.
They are little easel cards but with a little drawer, if that makes sense!

This pic shows the easel up and the drawer closed.
Here is the drawer open
This pic shows the lovely button I used for decoration
This pic shows you the three colourways for the three playmates
This one was my prototype.  It didnt come out quite as good as I had wanted it to because the drawer was a bit loose which meant that I hadn't measured acurately enough.
This is work in progress to the original 4 drawer/easel card I WAS going to make, however it was so very time consuming that I decided that just one drawer would be enough!! 
Absolutely loved the colour card and the patterned paper used on this one
Hope the ladies enjoy their gifts.

Thank you so very much for stopping by today
Take care
Jan xxxx
All the products used were from Stampin'Up!  -  Please drop me an email or go to "shop" on the sidebar to check out the products available.

29 April 2014

Easter wishes

Good afternoon all
I wanted to share with you today my first ever Easter Cards received.  This card was sent to me by my lovely crafty playmate Liz.  It is sooooo cute.  I was absolutely thrilled to receive this.  Thank you Liz
Thank you for stopping by today

Take care
Jan xxxx

Happy Birthday to me from playmate Sarah x

Good afternoon all.
Last but not least, today I will share the last of my crafty playmates' cards.  This lovely card is from my crafty playmate Sarah P.    All the ladies just know how much I love the bling and Sarah has added it just perfectly.

I love the colour combo on this one too.  Thank you so much Sarah x

Thank you for stopping by today
Take care
Jan xxxx

28 April 2014

Happy Birthday to me from playmate Sarn x

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Today I am, once again, sharing a Birthday card received from my lovely crafty playmate Sarn.
How gorgeous is this one too.   I absolutely L O V E the little birds.  As always, lots of bling just for me.
What a very original card as always Sarn.  Thank you xxxx

Thank you for stopping by
Take care
Jan xxxx

27 April 2014

Happy Birthday to me from playmate Lesley x

As promised another birthday card from one of my lovely crafty playmates and WOW look at this one!
The dress and had are made from flock like card, very velvety to the touch - gorgeous.  Of course the hat and the dress are adorned with bling. 

Really love the bling on this gorgeous dress.   Thank you Lesley xx

Thank you for stopping by today
Take care
Jan xxxx

26 April 2014

Happy Birthday to me from playmate Liz

I had an absolutely lovely weekend which included a 10th birthday party for my grand daughter which involved bouncy castles and discos  -  us adults had as much fun as the children did!!
The day before my birthday we  went to my eldest brothers 60th birthday party (where did that time go?!) and celebrated my lovely husbands birthday too  -  p h e w!  really busy weekend.  To end it was my birthday.   I received lots of lovely cards and best wishes from lots of my lovely crafty friends and family.

So.........  over the next few days I will be posting a few of the gorgeous cards made by my playmates.
Today I am sharing this lovely card from Liz.  It was in my favourite colour and covered in bling!

The background is embossed perfectly
The picture does not do this card justice.  This velum flower has been heat embossed and is beautiful isn't it

The butterflies have all been heat embossed too.
Thank you Liz xx

Thank you too for stopping by today
Take care
Jan xxxx

25 April 2014

A quickie

A very quick card made as a "tag" for a present.

I love the Gingham Garden DSP, it is so very spring like and cheers me up!

Hope you have a good day
Thank you for stopping by
Take care
Jan xxxx

All products used are from Stampin'Up!

11 April 2014


Just wanted to show you an attempt at sponging ink.  I was NOT happy with the end result but thought I would share with you to show you how NOT to do it!!!

I like the layout of the card but I think I was way too heavy handed with the inks.
Never mind, I will try again!

Thank you for stopping by and please don't be put off after seeing this!!

Take care
Jan xxxx

10 April 2014

Make & Take Sarah

Sarah's gorgeous card was using a stamp set that I had overlooked in the catalogues because I thought I wouldn't like it or have a use for it.  How wrong I was!  I loved the effect of this stamp set.  The colours that we used were Eggplant and Crushed Curry I believe and boy they worked so well together.  Very bold and very bright  -  unfortunately my picture doesn't do it justice.
Enjoy your day and thank you for stopping by
Take care
Jan xxxx

9 April 2014

Playday M&T from Liz

Liz's Make & Take from our playday.   Although the stamping was random, I didn't get too freaked out as I knew that the cut flowers would be the focal points of the card, so any "uneven" stamped bits would be covered!!   Isn't the colour gorgeous?

The tiny flowers were made from air dry clay and are so light and flexible that they are great for posting.  It was a great idea to use these for the centres of our flowers. 

Thanks for stopping by today
Take care
Jan xxxx

Liz used the Stampin' Up!  Flower Shop and Summer Silhouettes stamp set for this card

8 April 2014

Happy Post April 2014

Hi, todays pic is of the Happy Post card I have made for Lesley.  I hope she likes it.
I have started to quite enjoy distressing, something that I used to consider as out of my comfort zone because it is pretty random but I am finding that I am doing it more and more on different cards!

Of course, I have used the customary bling!

Thanks for stopping by today
Take care
Jan xxxx

All products used were from Stampin'Up!.  Please let me know if you want details of any of the products used.

7 April 2014

My postal swap from Lesley G - March!!

Ohhhh no just realised that I hadn't shown you this lovely card made for me as my "Happy Post"  from Lesley in March.   
Lesley has used the lovely paper piecing technique for this one.  How cute is this card?  I fell in love with it.

Thanks for stopping by
Take care
Jan xx

2 April 2014

March Make & Takes from playmates - Lesley

Not quite sure whether this is the swap or the Make & Take from Lesley, oh no hang on, there was no Swap from Lesley!!!  She made up for it though, bless her, she had two Make & Takes prepared for us instead (wanted to give us extra work to do being as though she had been sooooooo busy in March!).
The two cards that we were going to make were both using techniques that I hadn't tried before so was delighted to try something new.
The first card was this really cute shaker card.

The second card was using the paper piecing technique which, once again, I hadn't tried before.
I absolutely fell in love with this and will definitely be looking at all my stamps to see if I can use this technique.

So Lesley was forgiven for the lack of swap, this time!!   

We all had a fabulous time as always at our playday and as usual Lesley was the perfect host.

Enjoy your day and thank you for stopping by.

Take care
Jan xxxx

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