20 June 2015

M & T's

Good morning, here we are another lovely sunny day.
Wanted to share with you today the M&T's my playmates had designed for us.   We got very inky this time with both Sarn's and Lesley's makes and also the designs called for "random" !  Those that know me know that I find it quite difficult to do random! Not only that but Liz had us tearing our card too... noooooo!!!     Having said all of that, I thoroughly enjoyed myself making them.  So here goes.......

M&T designed by Sarn.  Sarn kindly put a couple of layers of gesso and the flower die on the card prior to our playday. We then set about inking.  Obviously I chose blue and yellow on my card. !  The little blobs in the right hand corner started out as lovely bubbles of gesso (after having been heated) but unfortunately they have all burst, but hey loving the look anyway.  You will also notice that the customary glitter is there too on the flower!

The next card was designed by Liz.  She is so creative isn't she?  It took some courage to tear the paper but we just went for it!  Love this card
The last M&T was learning the Bokeh technique.  LOVE IT!!!! Here a couple of samples of my efforts.  Love all of them so much I am not sure I am going to be able to stamp over them to turn them into cards to send!
These two nearly didn't happen because Lesley hid the blue because she just knew I would want the blue's! Think she was wanting me to broaden my horizons!
Thanks for stopping by today.
Have a great day

Take care
Jan  xxx


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  1. These are all AWESOME Jan. It was great fun to experiment and I also love the Bokeh technique that Lesley taught us. Can't wait to see what you make with your backgrounds. I love the colourscheme you chose for your Gesso bubbles card - and it looked fab with the extra bling on it.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx


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